Spectacle LensesSpectacle Lenses

The optical shop inside Parschauer Eye Center offers a wide range of spectacle lenses to suit your individual needs, as well as a trained staff of licensed opticians to help you determine your exact eyewear needs. We continue to purchase the newest, lightest, and best optical materials for your lenses, including the following: (all plastic lenses produced by Parschauer Eye Center automatically come with a scratch-resistant coating and a one-year guarantee against scratches)

New Plastics

Polycarbonate is the lightest, safest plastic available. Polycarbonate lenses are lightweight and shatterproof. This lens is the best option for kids and high-risk occupations due to its safety. Polycarbonate can be made thinner than CR-39.

Hi-index plastic is typically a thinner, lighter lens. Hi-index comes in different forms, but as a rule, hi-index is slightly heavier than polycarbonate.

Spectacle LensesMost people are familiar with bifocals or even trifocals, but not everyone is aware of progressives. This lens is often referred to as a “no-line bifocal” or “blended bifocal”. Progressives are actually multiple lenses within a single lens structure.

The optical shop inside the Parschauer Eye Center offers a selection of over 600 frames to find you the perfect fit and style. That’s 600 different frames – not including sunglasses. Within this selection, we offer a range of designer and fashionable spectacles for people of all ages.