Lens Coating Options

You Deserve to see the Difference with Varilux


Varilux® lenses

  • Known for staying ahead of the digital lens technology curve
  • Less distortion than other lenses
  • Sharper vision and smooth transitions from one field of vision to another
  • Allows your eyes to move naturally
  • Feels better during daily activities
  • Eyes work better together
  • Eyes focus together faster


Compared to Ordinary Lenses

Ordinary lenses without Varilux can distort vision and require that you move your head side to side to see, which may cause an off balance feeling. Varilux allows your eyes to work together better and move more naturally during your daily activities.


The Crizal Difference


The coating applied to ordinary lenses without Crizal can often peel off, easily scratch or smudge and does not include UV protection or resistance to water spots.

Crizal No-Glare® lenses

  • Resists Glare
  • Resists Scratch
  • Resists Smudge
  • Resits Dust
  • Resists Water
  • Resists UV Rays