Eyelid Plastic Surgery

The doctors at the Parschauer Eye Center not only examine the eyes, but also examine the tissues around the eyes. The eyelids and tear duct system are very intricate in the health of one’s eyes. All of the eye doctors at the Parschauer Eye Center diagnose and treat minor lid or tear duct problems.

If significant problems arise with the eyelids, the Parschauer Eye Center has an eyelid specialist available.

Lid Oculoplastics

oculoplasticsLid Lifts
Drooping Lids – Reasons for wanting to have a lid lift procedure performed may be either cosmetic or functional. Certainly, droopy eyelids can be unappealing cosmetically, but can also affect one’s overall eyesight. These images show the amazing results that can be achieved with lid lifts.

Bumps, Lumps and Skin Cancer
If you have an eyelid bump that is constantly irritated or is growing in size, contact our office and inform our doctors immediately. The doctors at the Parschauer Eye Center will examine your eyelids during routine and other eye exams. Patients commonly have many benign forms of eyelid bumps or lumps. Your eye doctor can assess and treat most of these lesions.

Misdirected Eyelashes
Misdirected eyelids or eyelashes can cause mild eye discomfort or more severe eye problems.

Dry or Watery Eyes
Dry eyes and watery eyes are very common eye problems that oddly are related. The majority of watery eyes are caused by dryness. Sounds strange, but it’s true.