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The Parschauer Eye Center has a large array of contact lenses to fit your needs—from routine to specialty lenses. Our eye center is fortunate to have multiple optometrists who fit contact lenses routinely, have extensive knowledge, and years of experience with all forms of contact lenses. We have available soft, rigid, spherical, astigmatic, daily wear, extended-wear, disposable, planned replacement, single vision, bifocal contact lenses, and custom-designed lenses.

Online contact lens ordering is for self-pay patients only. Insurance benefits are not able to be captured when using this option.

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Soft contact lenses

Soft contact lenses constitute 90% of all contact lenses fit today. Many people favor the comfort of soft contact lenses over rigid lenses. Soft contact lenses are available in different forms and materials.

Disposable soft contact lenses are preferred by the doctors at Parschauer Eye Center for most patients because frequent replacement of contact lenses promotes better comfort and better long-term eye health. The different options available include 1-day disposable, 2-week disposable, monthly, or yearly contact lenses.

Toric soft contact lenses help to treat patients with significant astigmatism. Astigmatism is a condition where the front surface of the eyeball, the cornea, is not perfectly round. Rather, it is shaped more like a football. In the past, this irregular shape to the cornea has prevented many patients from achieving an adequate “fit” with a soft contact lens which resulted in discomfort or blurry vision. Now doctors have many different options to correct astigmatism and to achieve sharp vision with contact lenses. Soft toric contact lenses help many people with astigmatism achieve clear vision with the comfort of soft lenses. Some types of astigmatism are still best corrected with rigid contact lenses. Your eye doctor will choose the best option for you.

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses

Rigid gas permeable contact lenses are still a viable option for some contact lens wearers. Rigid contact lenses also allow some patients crisper vision than their glasses. These contact lenses are individually made and are used to fit people with special visual needs. Keratoconus, for example, is an eye condition where patients require rigid gas permeable contact lenses to see correctly.

Dryness with contact lenses is a common problem. Different contact lens materials, solutions, and fitting techniques can be used to put patients with dry eyes back into contact lenses.


Presbyopia is the loss of near vision focusing that people experience after the age of 40. Most people who wear contact lenses would prefer to avoid the added need to wear glasses for near work and reading. Monovision is a technique utilized to achieve distance vision and near vision without readers by using contact lenses to correct one eye for distance and the other for near. New forms of bifocal contact lenses are being invented every year. These lenses have different “zones” of focus allowing both distance and near vision—all in the same lens! At the Parschauer Eye Center, we have multiple options for improving near vision for both near work and reading. Allow our eyecare professionals to help you explore the possibilities!

Our large array of contact lenses includes:

  • Soft contact lenses for all occasions
  • Disposables for convenience/comfort/health
  • Daily disposables for the occasional wearer or allergy sufferer
  • Soft toric contact lenses for astigmatism
  • Rigid contact lenses for the critical observer
  • Rigid contact lenses for keratoconus
  • Contact lenses for the dry eye patient
  • Monovision for the bifocal wearers (soft or rigid)
  • Bifocal contact lenses (soft or rigid) for freedom from glasses
  • Custom designed contact lenses for the hard to fit patients

At Parschauer Eye Center we pride ourselves on knowledgeable and thorough contact lens care. Each new contact lens patient may need to be evaluated several times before finalizing their prescription. Contact lenses are a very effective and convenient means of correcting your eyesight, but they must fit correctly in order to promote long-term eye health. Our staff will work with you to achieve the best contact lens option to suit your lifestyle needs.