Retinal Care

retinal careThe retina is a very delicate, thin tissue that lines the back of the eye. One’s eyeball is much like a camera with two high-power lenses and film in the back. The retina can be similar to a very high quality film. The retina gathers all of the visual information from the eye and sends the information along one million nerve fibers to the brain for processing. Even though the retina is approximately one square inch in the body, the information it gathers consumes approximately 60% of the brain’s total function.

All of the doctors at the Parschauer Eye Center have excellent knowledge regarding the retina. These doctors can diagnose and detect many different types of eye diseases that involve the retina. Due to the retina’s intricacies, most of today’s medical treatment involving the retina are reserved for eye doctors called retina specialists. Parschauer Eye Center is fortunate to have a top notch retina-vitreous specialist, Dr. David Miller, in our office.